Global music

Hubb loves to watch the music programs from China or Taiwan. But I prefer music from the US or Europe. I find that there are more variety of music styles and technology from these area. Well, it makes sense since this is a bigger region with a larger market, hence the higher budgets to invest in the latest music technology. Some of the is best mission-engineering effects at musicians friend is also probably found in US and Europe rather than in Asian countries.
Nevertheless, i think good music can comes from anywhere. And good music transcends language, culture and geographical borders.

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Musical night

I am so looking forward to this weekend. We have booked tickets to the apogee quartet music festival. Furthermore we got the tickets at a discount from a group buy websites.
My kids have started music lessons and we wanted to bring them to as many musical events as possible to increase their exposure and hopefully appreciation for music. I have always loved music, and I will be very happy to have my kids sharing my love for it as well.

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C&C..Ciggy & Cigar

I have only had one experience with cigarettes and cigars. It was during a homestay at a durian orchard during my early twenties. When my colleagues found out that I had never tried either one, they let me tried each type ONCE. The ciggy was a light minty one and I remembered the cigar as having a sweet aftertaste, they called it a lady’s cigar. Well, the design was really slim and long, for a lady’s finger like swisher sweets little cigars. Well, it was the one and only time. Ahh..the days when i am still young and innocent.

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Career in music

My youngest cousin is about to start college and is a dilemma on the course to take. He loves music and knows how to play a few music instruments, and he would love the opportunity to work with soundcraft mixers. Unfortunately there are not much colleges that offers degree courses in music here, unless he goes overseas. That would also mean that he needs to be open about working away from home as well. It is an important decision in his life and I wish him all the best.

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Noisy lil dog

My neighbor has one of the noisiest dog in the neighbourhood. She keeps the dog at the porch and the dog barks at just about anything and everything. She has kept the dog for years, and yet the dog will still bark incessisantly at me everytime it sees me. And I live just NEXT DOOR! Duh..even the dog down the road do not bark at me. I wondered if the dog is so hyper because it is kept chained all the time. She said it was because she feared the dog would escape when the gate opens and attacks someone. Poor thing. I think she should buy a wireless electric dog fence and keep it in there.

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Beach Time

The beach has got to be one of my boys favourite place. Considering that there is a beach less than 20 minutes away, I really should make it a point to bring them there more often. It is free and fun. Just pack some promotional beach towels, some food & drinks, some toys and we’re off to a fun filled day. The last time we went was over 3 months ago, and I wish I could bring them there soon…

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Printer at home

Hubb and I have been considering getting a personal printer at home. From the price that we obtained in websites for printers, the cost of a printer is not high. The only thing holding us back is the frequency of using them. We do not print much at home. We certainly do not want the ink to get dried up when we have only printed a handful of documents. But it is still much more convenient to own one at home.

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Non Slip Mats

I once had a nasty fall when I slipped on the the floor mat outside my bathroom. Ever since then, I make sure that I uses only non-slip floor mats such as yogitoes towel mats at home. I certainly do not want to repeat that experience or to risk any of my family members having an accident just because of a slipping towel.

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DIY Shop

Lately hubb and I have been frequenting DIY shops. In fact, I am proud to say that i have started to learn how to use some power tools! *Ahem* It is pretty fun to see all the tools, gadgets and supplies such as cotter pin at the shop and learning how to use them around the house. It is certainly an exciting feeling to be able to create things.

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I love camping as a child. And i thought that once I have my own home and kids, I will get my own camping gear so that we can have our own camping trips. In fact, I thought it would be nice to sleep out in the garden too..just for fun. Sadly with the increasing crime rates, it may not be safe to sleep outside. Sigh….what has our world turned into…

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