Car Seat Battle

Every time I am in the car with Dylan, I need to get into a battle for him to remain seated in his car seat. You would think that after being strapped to the car seat for the first 3 years of his life everytime he is in the car, he would cooperate right? But NOOOOOOooooo..he is worse that than the time when he was a baby.
Many times, I wished there is a policeman that I can call to help force the kid to remain seated in his car seat.
I have ordered a booster seat for him just like Bryan’s because he said he wants a seat just like his gege’s. Hope that he will sit in that seat coz that chair don’t come cheap.

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Yay Friday

I can’t wait for this weekend to come. I have so much activities planned for the kids and I doubt I will have the time to do colon cleanser review. Planning to take the kids swimming (as usual) but I have bought a new swim trainer for Bryan. Can’t wait to see how it works on him. Also, if the weather and time permits, I am also planning a special “nature” activity with the boys. Hope everything will happen as planned.

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Love for Coffee

I love coffee. My husband too. And recently we found the best coffee in Penang. Nope it cannot be found in any restaurants. It is at my aunt’s house. And guess who is the barista? Her maid! Honestly, her maid made the best coffee. Even my aunt and uncle said that. Luckily we are welcomed at my aunt’s house anytime. Yay, free GOOD coffee.

When I told this to my good friend, she said that if she was I, it would be useless. As she is allergic to coffee. The last time she accidentally tasted coffee cheesecake, it resulted in an ambulance trip to the hospital where she was hooked up to ecg machines due to her frantic heartbeat.

So glad that I can enjoy coffee….

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People sometimes ask me which child do I favor more. My elder or my baby boy. My honest answer is “I don’t know.” They are both very different and I love them in different ways. For example, Bryan is the “academic” type. He does me really proud by his ability to read. Friends and families marvel at the books that he is able to read independently when they visit us. Dylan on the other hand is the physical type and very “street-wise”. He charms us with his antics and often surprises us with the things he said. However, he still can’t really tell xyz from abc. No child is perfect but each one of them has a special place in my heart.

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Energy bunnies

Honestly I have no idea why kids have so much energy. Yesterday, we took the children to meet up with some friends over lunch. Once we got home, Dylan napped for only slightly over an hour. Once he woke up, I cooked dinner- it was spaghetti/ macaroni (because each kid have a different request) with mushroom & cheese sauce. But, no we did not have an early dinner.

Instead I took the kids swimming after I finished cooking, while hubb hit the gym. The kids spent more than 2 hours in the pool. Even after the 2 hour swim, they were reluctant to go home. They wanted to play at the kids’ playroom.

I was starving when we got home. Thank goodness dinner just needs to be reheated up. I always make sure that dinner is ready before we go swimming. Both kids finished dinner in a jiffy and I wanted to tuck them to bed early. I thought they would be tired after such a long day. But nooooooo…they still wanted to play while watching GLEE, and then even some Cantonese TVB drama. It was 11pm by the time they are willing to close their eyes…Gosh, where did all the energy come from.

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Absent minded

Just came back from shopping and I forgot to use the cash voucher AGAIN. Seems like my memory is really failing since I have my second child. It seems to get worse with each child. Besides the shopping mall voucher, I also have an electrical store cash voucher that has been sitting in the drawer at home for months. If I don’t use it soon, it is going to expire. And I hate to see RM50 going to waste, when I need a new electric thermos. Really need to put that voucher into my purse and make a trip to the electrical shop. And while we are there, the kids could play with the hand dryers too!

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2011 Holidays

Can you believe it, I am already planning my 2011 year end holidays? I always plan my holidays in advance to take advantage of cheap hotel and air fares. Right now, I am still in a dilemma – should we take our kids on a drive around Malaysia holiday or take them on a flight to somewhere else. Driving is pretty convenient since hubb has finally bought a GPS after reading all the gps reviews. But the kids have been asking me to take them for a flight too…But I guess, as long as we take them for holidays, they’ll be happy!

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Moving on

A friend of mine just made the enormous decision to move her entire family from Washington to California so that she can be closer to her other siblings.

A very good decision as I always think that family is very important and is helpful to be around them. But since she has kids, it is a very drastic move. A lot of things need to be considered. She needs to make sure that her medical insurance is applicable in the state of California and she need to find cheap california car insurance quotes as she will need to buy another car for her eldest daughter.

Lucky for her, she can do most of the insurance quotes and transactions online now.

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Flying time

Can’t believe the year is drawing to an end soon. Where did all the months go? Everything seems to fly by. I have been so busy these few weeks (or has it been months). Strings of high profile critical projects to work on, and then there are the family vacations and kids activities during the weekend. Now that the children are getting older, they are also more demanding about us spending time with them. It’s a good thing and both hubb and I try to obliged to their requests as much as possible. Right now I have parties to organize for the kids before hubb and I fly off for some quality (and shopping) time together. And when we come back, it will be time to put out our artificial christmas trees to start welcoming the joyous season…. Ohlalala…time is really wheezing by me!

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Clear Skin

I suffered breakouts since sometime last year when i was bogged down with some high pressure projects. Finally, I am glad to say *touch wood* that I have finally gotten the problem under control. As I was still breastfeeding my baby then, I could not take any acne pills. So I relied on frequent facial therapy and some good skin care products. Hopefully the acne will be gone forever.

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