Japanese? style fish porridge..

My colleague PH taught me how to make a simple but nice Japanese style porridge for Bryan. Just need salmon, leek, cabbage, and some ginger & garlic.

Went to Tesco yesternight, and no salmon, and no small cabbage.

So I bought a garoupa tail block, leek, ginger. And attempt to cook this ala-japanese stype porridge, but rojak style la.

First I cook the soup, with leek, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, ginger and garoupa tail. I remove the vege and fish when they are cooked.

Vege (brocolli, carrot & cauliflower) – to gently mash into smaller pieces.

Fish – to remove the skin & bones. Mum asked me to remove the skin before feeding to baby because she say that where mercury is stored (if any la). Not sure if it’s true.

I strain the soup through a sieve to remove any fish bones if any. I think the soup is good for breastfeeding mothers as well. Just add a bunch of fenugreek and it’ll be good for milk production. If only fenugreek works for me..haha.

Then I cook the soup with red rice and I return the vege and fish when the porridge is almost done. I did cook more than the usual portion for Bryan. So I removed Bryan’s portion and season the rest with a bit of salt and pepper (for hubby & me to share).

I add some homemade ikan bilis powder to Bryan’s porridge for the extra goodness.


And a happy baby customer….


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