Chinese or English/ National School?


Fren: So are you planning to send your son to Chinese or National School later?
Me: Chinese la
Fren: Why?
Me: With China coming up so strongly, it is better that he knows mandarin
Fren: But Chinese school got so much homework. The poor kid will have no more childhood once he starts school. Might as well send him to national school and then send him for private tuition on Mandarin


That is very true. My parents sent me to a Chinese kindergarten when I was small. I hated the Mandarin homework and will cry everyday while doing my homework. Because of that my parents decided to send me to national school so that I will learn to like school. I guess it was a wise choice then, as I gave them no trouble at school. They rarely had to worry about my homework or performance at school. In fact, I was one of the top students and at the same time have lots of opportunities to enjoy my childhood.

I really wish to see him enjoy his childhood too and not spend them agonizing over school work. But like all parents, I want to make sure that he learns the right skills and languages to ensure a bright future when he grows up.

Though Bryan is only 1 year old, it will be a matter of time before I have to register him for primary 1. There are pros and cons to each.

I guess I will wait until he starts pre-school and access his learning interest before making a decision.

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4 Responses to Chinese or English/ National School?

  1. Angeleyes says:

    haha… why are we always bombarded with all these questions so soon har??? My mom was asking the same question… I too wanted Darrius to go Chinese school coz both Piggybeng and myself are banana… hardly can read or write Chinese so I was hoping our son can do better but Piggybeng think otherwise… He said being in Chinese school, he might have difficulty grasping with English especially those science terms which most reference books are in English when in Uni… so how?

  2. Sasha says:

    me thinking about the same. I want Jayden to enjoy sch and not bogged up with Homework…if he were to go in chinese sch…then he will be mentally tortured with homework and the additional curricular activities in chinese sch…how ah ?

  3. Hijackqueen says:

    Just put it this way. Do you want him to master chinese or just know how to read? How many years are you going to put him in the tuition centre? One year or two years? One or two years will only teach him basic Mandarin and if let say after 6 months son doesn’t like it, are you going to take him out form his tuition? which means bye-bye to mandarin liao.

    A very personal opinion from myself. Kids learn things fast. First year he might not do good. 2nd or 3rd year he will catch up. You can transfer him to a Kebangsaan school when he reaches Form 1. By then, he had already master his mandarin. Just my 2 cents ;)

  4. I have no choice as hubby wants our kids to be sent to Chinese school, even though I hate the piles of homework they’re getting later!
    So, here’s my 2 cents. As long as they’re happy at school, I don’t wanna be kiasu about their results.