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Confinement pantang-larangs

My fren (who has 4 kids) once told me – She’s not afraid of pregnancy, not afraid of giving birth. Most afraid of the confinement period – when she’s not allowed to bath for 30 days! I for one did … Continue reading

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A lazy rainy Sunday

It’s been raining all day – actually since yesternight. But luckily in where I lived – the rain was a mere drizzle. So it kept the temperature nice and cool. Since the heavy rain did not come as expected, we … Continue reading

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Introducing my new blog – All About Bryan

When i moved from blogger to my own web, i received comment that this new web is more cluttered compared to the old one. Actually it is true, if I refer back to my original intention for starting to blog … Continue reading

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So, do you have a will?

Last month, hubby and Bryan accompanied me to the hospital to pick up my health screening report. The doctor saw both of them at the lobby and informed me that they can come into his office too, as he has … Continue reading

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One year ago…

A letter for my son Bryan My dear Bryan, One year ago, you were the most adorable baby I’ve ever held in my arms. You were 2 months old on 1 Jan 2006. Now, you 14 months old (by tomorrow) … Continue reading

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