So, do you have a will?

Last month, hubby and Bryan accompanied me to the hospital to pick up my health screening report. The doctor saw both of them at the lobby and informed me that they can come into his office too, as he has extra seats for “visitors”. I declined… coz Bryan will do nothing except interrupt me.

Anyway, one of the first question the doctor asked me when i went in is

Doc: So do you have a will?

Me: Yes

Doc: Good, you will need it.

Me: (Apa ni? Say something like that) Errr…don’t everyone need it nowadays.

Doc: Yes, everyone needs it once they have kids. If there are no kids, it is not so critical. People cannot just assume that things will work out when they die. The only way to make sure that things will work out once you die is to have a will. Otherwise, how can you be sure that the money will go to the right place and the child’s welfare is taken care of, custody and all.

Me: (phew….. He meant this only hor. Tot i have health problem)

Actually what he said is true. Before I have kids, it doesn’t matter if I die. As long as my parents have a sum of money to help them through old age, it doesn’t matter where the rest goes. But with Bryan, it is now a different story.

Hubby and I have our will drawn up a few days before we went on our first holiday without Bryan. Although it was only a 2 day trip (local), we were (or I was) a little bit paranoid. We want to make sure things are in order before we left.

So we drew up a detailed will with a will-writing company. My financial consultant, who is a family friend helped me to draw it. According to him, ours is considered quite detailed liao. Definitely not a simple one. Hubby joked that if anyone sees our will, they will think that we are millionaire or something (which we are not, super very far from it in fact).

Eh..but i want to make sure i cover everything ma. It is not as if i am going to draw a new will every now and then.

So, do you have a will?

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3 Responses to So, do you have a will?

  1. Vien says:

    We’re planning to get one but not a will tho’. It will be a trust fund. A trust fund is better than a will. With trust fund, the money will not be sanction by the court; i.e. your benefactors can withdraw money right away. A will may take months for the court to clear/approve it. I don’t have the exact definition but you should check out a living trust fund.

    Shooi: We have a will and a trust fund drawn up. Not sure exactly how it works but if anything happens to us, the money for Bryan (and our any other children) will go to the trust fund. The will includes instructions on how the fund is to be managed and who is responsible for managing it. Not sure if it differs from a living trust fund. But good feedback, I will check it out…thanks. :)

  2. Sasha says:

    err i dun have a will cos i have no money to give my son :(

    Shooi: Money is just one portion of the will. The most important thing for us is the caretaking of our son. Actually a lot of people (including me) have no money until we die, because of insurance mah.

  3. Gosh, I’ve never thought of that! I thought after I die my insurance will go to my parents and they’ll take care of my kids only. I trust my parents with that, but didn’t have a will about all this. I doubt hubby thought about this too…