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Mandarin songs for a banana

Many people go to Karaoke lounges to learn how to sing songs. Me, I can’t do that. Not for the mandarin songs at least. Because I can barely read mandarin. Coz i am a banana mah…Yellow (chinese) inside but white … Continue reading

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Pantai Kerachut, the rewarding hike

A week after I returned from my Vietnam trip, my collegues and I went for a hike from Teluk Bahang to Pantai Kerachut. (Yeah, it is as if I did not have enough workouts in Vietnam) I meant to blog … Continue reading

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Contextual Link Building Through Blogs

For anyone that is building a new web-based business, it is critical to generate awareness of the new website. And to get good organic and inorganic traffic, having a good page and Alexa rankings are critical for business success. There … Continue reading

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Nice Matters Award

Thanks Lovelymummy for passing this to me! The originator of the Nice Matters award states that it is meant for “those that are just nice people, good blog friends, and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care … Continue reading

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Swim Spa

One of my best friends has bought a bungalow. Hubby and I have seen the model bungalow. Gosh, the bungalow is huge! There is even space for a swimming pool. However my friend says that she does not want a … Continue reading

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One is enough

I tagged her, she tagged me. . Linky love are always welcomed. So here goes…. Where is your cell phone? Nearby Relationship? Married Your hair? Wavy Work? Yes Your sister? One Your favorite thing? Sleep Your dream last night? Plenty … Continue reading

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An Inspirational Personal Blog

Karl Moore is a successful entrepreneur and is one of world’s top 100 developers. But he is also an inspirational writer who has written for over a twenty national publications. And he also broadcasts live at writer’s radio station focusing … Continue reading

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Tiramisu….the heavenly dessert

Tiramisu…”I miss you”….I think that is the meaning in Italian. Until many years ago, I do not understand what is the craze about tiramisu. It just taste like coffee cake. What’s so special about it? That is I tasted tiramisu … Continue reading

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Cheap UK Accommodations

The closest I have been to London is to the Heathrow Airport. When I was in transit during a business trip to Edinburgh Scotland. As we fly into and out of Heathrow Airport, I could see clearly the London landscape … Continue reading

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My kid and their kids….

A few of my mommy frens and I were having lunch the other day. And we were discussing how good or naughty our kids are. We came to one conclusion, although the characters do develop as they grow older, a … Continue reading

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