OOooo What a fake!

Some of you may know of a famous shop selling roti bakar (toast bread) + half boiled egg for breakfast near the Penang Airport. There is nothing special about the toast bread and the shop is an old fashioned “atap + wood” style house. But the shop is a popular place for breakfast among the locals. Don’t ask me why?Anyway, I was there with my family for breakfast one weekend morning. As we were having breakfast, a family of 3 walked in. The husband and the son are wearing just a regular T-Shirt and shorts. But the wifey hor….Phooeeetttt…was dressed to the nines!

Click-clack, click-clack walk in with her high heels, perfectly styled and blow-dried hair and you can also catch a whiff of her perfume as she walked by.

Of course all eyes are on her la. Sommo she is so pretty. Everyone in the shop dressed very cin-cai only then suddenly this gorgeous lady walked in. Hubby and I also noticed her immediately. But what spoilt her image?

She carried a huge Louis Vuitton handbag. A FAKE Louis Vuitton handbag.

Alamak…want to carry a fake one carry la a class A fake bag. Don’t la carry a cheapo fake LV, really spoil image only. I don’t own a designer handbag, and yet I could tell that it is a fake right away. I think if she had carried a cheapo no brand pasar malam bag, she would have passed off better. :-P ( excuse for using no-brand handbags all the time).

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8 Responses to OOooo What a fake!

  1. allisia says:

    :lol: :lol: I love it very much la. Each time sending anyone to airport in the morning la, sure i will drop there. yam, yam, yam…
    Long itme no c, how r u?

    Shooi: Hihi…really long time no c. Nice of u to drop by

  2. soomingooi says:

    Just curious, how you you can tell is a cheapo LV :?:

    Shooi: The easiest way is to look for the symmetry design. Real ones hor..the prints will join nicely and in symmetry where else the fake one hor, one side this print pattern, another side another print pattern…like all over the place. This is the most obvious give away. Of course, the good fakes will have good symmetry, so quite hard to tell. Then, there are buckles, stitching quality, etc…but aiyo usually these are less obvious unless up close.

  3. Seem like you know how to tell between the real and the fake LV bags.

  4. Wow, that toasted bread is a feast to the eyes !

    Maybe that click clack girl is from China? I notice they like to dress to kill going to pasar malams and hot street fairs, talking loudly to their companion even though their companion were just walking right beside them and not way across somewhere else.

  5. MicheGinny says:

    The roti bakar shop is more of a hang out place rather than to really eat! A place to kepo or talk about “Those day har ….”. But the picture that you took (of the roti bakar) really makes me wanna eat them. Nyammm Nyammmm

  6. Alice says:

    Yeah Shooi! It has been long time didn’t see any new post. I guess must be very busy lately? Nice toast bread.

  7. michelle says:

    Hehehe…at first I tot you say the kaya bread is fake. :P

  8. Angeleyes says:

    Ooo… I went there for breaky after fetching my hubby from airport yesterday…