Product Review: Screen Inc Sunscreens

I have always known the importance of using sunscreens. For best protection, my beautician advised me to use a separate sunscreen instead of just using a moisturizer with SPF factor. But sunscreens are usually quite heavy and greasy and thus I usually avoid them unless I will be in the sun for a long time.

Thus I was very excited to receive samples of Screen Inc sunscreen for me to try. I had been looking forward to receiving these samples as it was claimed to be different from the other sunscreens in the market. All the good stuff without the greasiness of the regular sunscreen. They were created by 2 moms when they were unable to find a non-greasy sunscreen for their own use. So they decided to create their own line of sunscreens.

The sunscreen comes in very attractive names Man Screen, Chic Screen, Teen Screen and Tweeny Screen – to reflect their target consumers. What attracted me most was this.

I was surprised to see that it is actually endorsed by the Skin Cancer foundation. That speaks volume for a product that is just launched in the market.

The Skin Cancer Foundation will only award this seal to UV protection products that meets not only the sun protection criteria of min SPF15 but also testing data that proves that the product do not cause irritation or phototoxicity. The product will also be reviewed by leading dermatologists/photobiologists from major medical centers in the U.S.

But the most interesting on the package is this…

They have got the most creatively amusing directions and product warning information that I have ever seen. At first I was thinking, “What mug? What peepers?” Then I remembered that this is a Made in USA product with instructions that are probably meant for the US audience. So, “mug” as in mug shot = face and “peepers” = eyes.

Each of the sunscreen had their equally creative product information. I never knew that it could be so fun to read product information.

The first product I tried was Chic Screen, which is meant for the female customers. I used it on my clean bare face so that I can test the product accurately. There was hardly any smell to it as it was fragrance free. It was not thick like the regular sunscreen but the texture was a little heavier than my regular moisturizer. I put on the sunscreen before I took my son to the playground. Though I spent about 30 mins there in the hot sun, my face was not greasy. Sweaty yes, but not greasy.

The following day, I tried the Tweeny Screen, which is meant for people in their twenties. Hey, I just past my twenties not long ago, so this will probably suit me as well.

The moment I opened the packaging, I caught a whiff of fragrance. True enough, this is the only Screen Inc’s scented sunscreen. Again, I used it on my clean bare face. I prefer the texture of Tweeny Screen to Chic Screen. It is much lighter and seemed more compatible with my combination and problematic skin type. It goes on smoothy and stays matt on my skin. However, I find that the fragrance is a little strong initially. To me, more fragrance meant more chemical. So the less, the better. But after a while, I got used to it.

After 2 successful product tries, I moved on confidently to Teen Screen. I loved this product immediately! It has a light natural smell and the texture is so light. This is a sunscreen that I wished I had found in my teenage years when I was baffling with oily problem prone skin. Like all the Screen Inc’s sunscreen that I have tried, it is non greasy, but this has the lightest texture of all. Oh,I am repeating after myself, but it is really light and very nice to use.

I later tried all of them on top of my regular moisturizer and it feels great. No heavy feeling and works great under my makeup. It is definitely something that I will feel good using everyday.

In fact, I alternate between Chic Screen, Teen Screen and Tweeny Screen and I loved all f them. My favorite is Tweeny Screen. It is not as rich as Chic Screen and it does not leave my skin as taut as when I used Teen Screen .

Next on the list to try is Man Screen. I asked hubby to try this one. I normally would not ask hubb to simply try any product as he would blame ME if he gets any breakouts. But so far my experience had been great and I am quite sure that hubb would love it too.

Like me, hubb normally steer away from sunscreens as he claimed that they are too oily for his skin. He only use sunscreen during holidays when he know that he will be outdoor all day long.

His feedback? Easy to apply, non-greasy and does not leave a oily residue on his skin even when he’s outdoor after a while. He certainly doesn’t mind using it again. Well, he can finish all the samples I have and if he wants more, he can buy it online from Screen Inc. And he can get some for me too. :-D

So from our experience, here’s my PERSONAL recommendation.

Again, disclaimer here, the chart above on skin type is my personal experience and my opinion.

One thing for sure, it did not give me any breakouts though I have been using it everyday for the last one week, and I do get breakouts if I had used the wrong skin care. Looking back, I think I had been awfully brave to try an all new skincare. But it has been a pleasant experience and I would certainly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a good sunscreen that is minus the weight and grease!

There is now a promotion on for bloggers and blog readers. Just enter the promotion code BLOGGER10 and you would be entitled to 10% off at ScreenInc. There’s your incentive to try this great product. I am sure you will feel the difference too.

P/s: If the creators are reading this, I am really looking forward to a waterproof sunscreen for water sport activities, especially one for babies. ;)

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