Part 3: My GH Stay

Luckily, written rules are just written rules. They are not meant to be followed.

Hubb was allowed to come in eventhough it was past 7:30pm. He told the guards that he was visiting his baby and he was allowed in. The rules are apparently more strict at the adults ward.

And boy am I glad to see him. He stayed with me till about 9:30pm, as he needed to get home to tuck Bryan to bed. Bryan surprisingly was very well behaved that night.

When hubb got home he told Bryan

Hubb: Tonight mommy need to accompany Dylan at hospital. Mummy is not coming home.
Bryan: Ok. Daddy sleep with you (he is still confused about “you vs me”)

And he gave hubb NO TROUBLE at all! He slept well and hubb slept well too. Hubb woke up real early in the morning. I told him to get to the hosp by 730am, that’s when the visiting hour starts. Bryan woke up while hubb was in the bathroom, and he called out “DADDEEEEE!”

When he saw his daddy’s face at the door, he went back to sleep. Looks like he remembered that it is just daddy around though he was still in a sleepy mode.

And hubb did get to the hosp by 7:30am, with breakfast for me :) . He understood how miserable I was and made the effort to be there as early as possible. He took half a day off that day to be with us.

So how was my night? Well, I barely slept.

  1. Dylan was so excited by his hospital crib. He was cruising up & down the crib the entire time. One mother told me not to let him “walk” or stand so much in case the IV needle comes out. But the only way to prevent him from standing is if I carry him. And I can’t carry him the entire time.
  2. Dylan refused to go to sleep until about 11:30pm. He wasn’t crying. He was too happy!
  3. And honestly, it is not easy to sleep. His crib is near to the toilet walkway, so the lights are brightly turned on. I closed the curtains around us, but it barely block out the light.
  4. It is pretty noisy even at night. Sounds of people walking, crying, vomiting…etc…
  5. And Dylan decided to continue to have “fun” at 4:45am! He woke up, opened his eyes big big, said, “Eeeh, Ooooo *big smile* “ and there he was up and cruising along the crib again!

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4 Responses to Part 3: My GH Stay

  1. michelle says:

    Bravo Bryan and poor you.

  2. mott says:

    Yea..most of the time, the rules are less strict for kids and their parents.

    I remember begging one security guard to let me in abt 3am, to see my dying granpa..he was so nice. He did. I managed to say my last goodbye to him.

    Glad to hear Bryan did well with Daddy. Perhaps let Daddy sleep with him? Hee hee hee..

    Is Dylan ok?

  3. Angie says:

    Oh wow.. It’s diffcult caring for the little ones in hospital. They get extra demanding and we get extra stressed. An experience I’d rather not have. Luckily Bryan and Dylan was ok throughout this.

  4. KittyCat says:

    Hahaha I can imagine how happy and cheeky he must have been while you’re BEGGING him to go to sleep.

    Lucas is now at home with me because of that nasty croup. After some thought, I think I’ll keep him here until we go to Beijing next weekend…

    Please pray for my sanity!!!!! :shock: