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I always wonder – Do kids ever get cold?

Both my kids, especially my eldest doesn’t seem to be cold. I can’t tell if Dylan is cold cause he goes to sleep in his romper pajamas.

But Bryan goes to bed in the regular pajamas – with his sleeves and pants pushed up! I would always try to roll them down but he will always try to push them up.

And he need to have the aircon AND the fan on everytime. I would switch off the fan when he falls asleep, but if he wakes up, he will ask for the fan to be turned back on.

With the aircon and fan on, it is Brrrrrrrr…..really cold. I would be curled up under the blanket and he would be sleeping comfortably – without any blanket!

I have tried to cover him with a blanket but he would kick them off within minutes. If only there is an electric blanket that would auto-cover him each time he kicks it off. :)

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Started blogging to capture thoughts and memories for my baby boy. Fell in love with blogging and now would like to blog more than just on my baby but also on my experiences as a full time working mother and wife.
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