A wonderful leave

I have to take 2 unpaid leave days every month due to cost control initiative at my company.

So I took one last Friday.

After I sent Bryan to his school, I went to the market and bought stuff for the weekend. Bought a dozen of huge farm fresh kampong chicken eggs. These are bigger than the regular ones and according to the seller,.much healthier, higher Omega, lower cholesterol..blablabla..

Then at the vegetable store, I asked the seller what is the minimum quantity for buying cilipadi. I only wanted a little so that I have some as a dipping sauce, and the seller just grabbed a bunch from the bag, and said, “I’ll give u free la!” Free stuff! Syioknya.

Went back home to drop off my marketing then to my beautician shop to collect a cheque. She decided to discontinue her biz due to health problem so am refunding my package balance… YAY! Money back!

After that a nice brunch of fried beehoon mee with some kickass sambal and a bowl of assam laksa… SLURP!

Then off to a nice relaxing facial. This salon beautician is very clever to ask me to buy this and that promo package, and con me into spending money that I have no intention of spending. The last package (10x) that I signed with her was probably 3 years ago, and I still have not used up all of it.
1. I have no time to go for regular facial.
2. Each time I go, she managed to convince me to buy another facial that is on promo la, etc. But promo also very expensive (to me la)
But last Friday, I managed to say NO to everything and just use one of my package facial. No extras….
It was a good facial. I dozed off during the massage and I feel so accomplished at the end of it that I don’t have to spend extra $.

That’s not the end of my activities yet.

I went to Gurney Plaza next. To hunt for a cheap swim suit. My swim suit koyak already, and I have been looking for ages for one that is on sale yet fits me. Most of the sale that i went to, don’t have my size or the design is yucky.

You can imagine my happiness when I manage to find one – Speedo at 70% discount. I found another one at 80% discount too, but the design is a bit gaudy. So it’s ok to pay a LITTLE extra for a decent looking swimsuit. So happy…now I can go back to my weekly swim. YAY! I definitely need to start working out again if I want to continue to stay fit.

One last stop before I pick up Bryan fr school in the evening.

Big Apple Donuts. I have a buy 6 free 3 voucher. So pickup up some of my fav donuts to share with my mom & aunt.

What an accomplished day! Managed to do complete everything I wanted to do for a long time.

Heck, having to take compulsory unpaid leave wasn’t so bad afterall. Hehe…

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