Be thankful

My hubb is usually NOT the kind of person who would initiate anything unless it is work related. He will participate if needed but don’t expect him to be the organizer. So when he told me that he and a few of his friends are organizing a fund-raising activity for an old folks home, I was pleasantly surprised. So now they have collected a nice sum of money and are now trying to decide on the things to buy to donate to the home. I suggested that they contact the home and ask for a list. The home may need common items such as rice, detergent or specialty items such as urinary incontinence products. And to add to my surprise, they are already working on the next charity home to help out. Keep it up dear!

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Started blogging to capture thoughts and memories for my baby boy. Fell in love with blogging and now would like to blog more than just on my baby but also on my experiences as a full time working mother and wife.
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