Standard 1 soon….

My lil boy is growing up real fast , and soon he’ll be entering the world of primary school. I am sure his first day at school will be an emotional one for me. I cannot even imagine how I would feel when he walked into the school for the first time. I love him to bits and I worry all the time that I am not doing enough for him. I don’t send him to tuitions and I don’t brainwash him into future careers. For now, I am still letting him do whatever he wants to, think whatever he wants to. His current ambition is to be a teacher that specializes in butterflies! And I have absolutely no comments about that. If later on, he wants to be a heat shrink engineer, that is also fine too. I just want him to be happy.

About Shooi

Started blogging to capture thoughts and memories for my baby boy. Fell in love with blogging and now would like to blog more than just on my baby but also on my experiences as a full time working mother and wife.
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